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The versatile, mobile, safe and colourful Cadii and Todii range are designed with love and finesse



Toys… Sorted! Extra clothes… Sorted. An extremely safe, lightweight bag that's easy to carry… All sorted!

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School Kids

Protect your child’s spinal health and their books with the added benefit of safeguarding their valuables

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The travelling executives utility box is a first choice for business people on the move, who want a presentable and lightweight alternative

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Cadii and Todii bags are sold exclusively by agents. Click the links below to find and pick a colour suitable for you



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We do our utmost to ensure you are satisfied with each and every Cadii

“It might seem like a small thing the Cadii, but it sure changed my life, I don’t have to worry about taking money out again for a school bag. My daughter is very happy with her Cadii. It is full of stickers and her books look neat and tidy ”

Ivanca A Pazzi

“I am completely addicted to any form of storage that will satisfy my OCD behaviour and need to have a place for everything and everything in its place, which is why my eyes lit up when I discovered this clever little storage system”


“I would like to compliment Cadii on the Suitcases. My oldest child is now in Grade 4 and I bought his Cadii in Grade 1, in 4 years I only replaced on of the 2 clips which broke about a month ago. GREAT PRODUCT!!!!! Worth the buy!!!”



Cadii as an all-in-one utility box, designed with your well-being in mind



The frame is manufactured from high quality Polypropylene. The Cadii is developed to be robust and long lasting under normal operating conditions


Silent operation

Strong Polyurethane wheels which run on 2 bearings and a rust proof axel ensures durability and silent operation, which proves useful on school corridors and hallways


Alleviates spinal strain

Cadii was developed to be pulled only, hence a telescopic steel handle is firmly mounted to it. A fixed polypropylene handle mounted on the casing facilitates comfortable lifting


Desktop operation

When opened, the Cadii can be used as a desktop. Fixing two Cadii's back-to-back, the scholar can sit on the ground and use the lid as a convenient work surface


Water Resistant

The design of the lid ensures that Cadii is water resistant, protecting books and personal belongings from rainy days or similar


Top storage

Within the Cadii lid, separate storage compartments can be used as a space case and lunch-box while a third compartment provides storage for additional items such as a towel or raincoat


Bottom Storage

The main storage compartment, 23,7l in volume, is totally adequate for books, sporting clothes or equipment. Books and textbooks are neatly packed and presentable



Using any preferred locking device, the Cadii can be locked to safeguard books and personal belongings affording parents, and it's users alike, peace of mind


Writing tablet

The internal cover of the main lid can be written on with a white board marker only, not pencil. The scholar can use this part of Cadii as a tool for making notes


Serves as a Seat

The lid is purposely shaped to serve as a seat for learners who for example wait for transport. The Cadii's sturdy materials make it a strong utility box

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